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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DWmaster [Dedotated Wam master], Aug 14, 2015.

  1. DWmaster [Dedotated Wam master] Level 20 monk in the Temple of WAM

    We will be having the party on the weekend of Aug 29th. Yes, the weekend, starting on saturday the 29th at around 12pm (noon) EST the events will begin and go on through the day, and any left over stuff will be done on sunday.

    Updates on certain events will pop up here as they are figured out and finalized. But mainly it will just be a clusterfuck of fun mashed together with blood, sweat, tears, and other bodily fluids.
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  2. CornishPastie Your Local Cookie Monster

    For any British people wondering, the start time is 5 pm GMT.
  3. DCrosswell Admin

    5pm on the Weekend eh? Sweet, we can drink.
  4. 3dee The Villager

    It kills me to say this but I won't be able to attend as I'm camping that weekend. Good job though guys looks awesome!
  5. EpitaphFox guess what

    it pleases me to say this, I wont be able to attend because im working/moving into school that weekend. Terrible job though guys looks bad!
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  6. Lock_Two Well-Known Member

    pleases me to hear this
  7. OpticBandit Senior Administrator

    I think it's in our best interest to host the party on Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th. This Saturday Elite and I will not be able to attend and other noobs as most people are busy on a Saturday as it is. I received a message from zipfe saying he will not have access to a proper computer this Saturday so will not be able to attend and suggested the dates listed above.

    So party is now Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th.
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  8. Dexxl Parper of Tarts

    I couldn't attend on that other date either, this works much better.
  9. agentalex367 You saw nothing.

    I like this new plan.
  10. Lock_Two Well-Known Member

    the only weekend ive ever been remotely free and you guys all cancel,

    truly a world wonder
  11. agentalex367 You saw nothing.

    Ya can't please everyone.
  12. Waiting4Codot The Gordon Ramsay of Minecraft

    I will not be able to attend. This is no surprise as I have worked every weekend in the last six years, but I will be there in spirit.
  13. Lock_Two Well-Known Member

    ill get ur spirit a martini
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  14. alexcolll Active Member

    Ya'll need to party harder for me too, can't make it :(
    Hope you have an awesome time"!!!!!!!
  15. Sweyn_Skalswift Ghoul/Viking/Otaku Hybrid

    College has me filled to the rim atm, and haven't had any time to do anything minus a little break yesterday. Whenever I got the free times I'll finish working on my part of the map.
  16. sams_elbow The Earnest Hemingway

    Moving to the middle east.

    Tl:dr Movingtothemiddleeast
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  17. PureVVebbster Resident Ponybro

    Unfortunate twist of fate: Work schedule has changed this weekend, so now I can neither attend on Saturday or Sunday.
  18. Capn_7ar Father Lover

    I have a pharmacist exam on Saturday, and when I fail I'll be wallowing in self-recriminations until Tuesday
  19. OpticBandit Senior Administrator

    What a loss... shame.
  20. EpitaphFox guess what

    ill probably be there