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An Update...

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by OpticBandit, Mar 26, 2017.


Would you play if we updated?

Yes 42 vote(s) 91.3%
No 4 vote(s) 8.7%
  1. OpticBandit Senior Administrator


    We are the least bit shocked to see this level of activity considering the amount of time this game has been pottering along all these years however we pose a question: If we were to update would you guys actually play? The issue is; updating now would take a considerable amount of time and effort which would be pointless if the ship has already sunk.

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  2. Kfperin The Dictator

    Hi Optic,

    Thanks for kicking off this thread. I'm looking forward to seeing how many responses this will get and what the best way forward for this server is. I've been very busy and don't have time to keep this server updated. As I'm sure you know, the over 1-year MIA status of Zipfe has also impacted us, and I don't know if it'd be worth your time to invest in updating everything. Let's see what occurs in the coming days / weeks, and determine this community's best move forward. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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  3. EpitaphFox guess what

    to be honest, I would try to play more often but i most likely woould not, but for all the memories I've shared with the server and all its inhabitants, I cannot bring myself to say "lets just give up"

    Voting yes, hoping everyone else will do the same.
  4. Glumur Supreme Pontifex Maximus of the holy land Gimlé

    Not as regularly, but I'd be there passing some time yes
  5. DCrosswell Admin

    I'd pop buy maybe every 2 or 3 days just for a quick catch up, and now that my Dissertations done I could actually build something.
  6. TheSaxophoneMan Moderator

    I play pretty much everyday. pls update. 1.8 is gettin realllll old
  7. Tristorm Member

    I would play almost every day. 'caus I'm sad like that.
  8. Toishim New Member

    I'd be willing to start playing again if the server was kept up to date.
  9. Mear117 New Member

    I too, would be more than willing to pick up Minecraft again if the server was updated.
  10. Yellobelly Member

    Definitely. I've taken a break from video games for a bit now in favor of getting sponsored for downhill mountain biking but would be happy to pick back up with some casual playing. Given the "8-year-old Minecraft kid" stereotype that's been gaining popularity recently, I think this server is a good reminder that such thing as a mature Minecraft gamer does exist.
  11. XeVewi New Member

    I would play yes.
  12. DWmaster [Dedotated Wam master] Level 20 monk in the Temple of WAM

    I'd give an attempt. I'd like to come back to a chillaxing chat box and some dirt blocks to play with.
  13. CornishPastie Your Local Cookie Monster

    One point is that 1.12 is supposedly coming soon (there are already snapshots), so it may be worth waiting for it to come out before we update to avoid any unnecessary work.
  14. Nagidal I'll need more than one stack of it.

    Hello guys, thanks Optic for considering updating the server. I can't promise I'd play, but in the past week I've been hooked on the mobile game BitCity which gives me a ton of nice stuff to copy. It shows houses which are made of minecraft-like blocks. I can't help but thinking of building them in Minecraft.
  15. Dexxl Parper of Tarts

    I'd just like to throw in here that Zipfe isn't MIA exactly. He's on teamspeak pretty often just in case you need him. Always muted in the AFK room.

    as for my vote, minecraft lost its charm for me. however if a FTB server were to be hosted I would play that shit daily.

    edit: also, I'll likely never play vanilla minecraft but if there is no OP on and you need something, just hop on teamspeak and I probably still remember how to do OP things.
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  16. phizx The blue slime who snorts koolaid

    Ts is always kicking and zipfe is usually on just afk'd and muted but if you message he gets back to you. Vanilla maybe as a chatbox guru but ftb would be good to start up again
  17. Lock_Two Well-Known Member


    Come on common folk, let us topple the hierarchy!
  18. Capn_7ar Father Lover

    What Dexx said, Minecraft doesn't have the wattage to cook my loins these days. FTB could be fun, and I'd have no problem being involved with moderating on a regular basis.
  19. SacredStingray Moderator

    My vote was for Vanilla, totally against FTB
  20. Yellobelly Member

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