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Hippie Compound

Discussion in 'Faction & Town Discussions' started by Proriginal, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Proriginal Batpig

    The title says it all! I shall be making a huge Hippie Compound when the temp map ends, it will be in one of the new roofed mushroom forrest biomes. Here are a few Things that should be listed about the town.
    ~The houses will be minimalistic and colorful, tents and RV's.
    ~I will have a bunch of villagers there to add to the illusion of hippies.
    ~There will be a Witch and she will be the 'nature healer'
    ~There will be many little fire places but a big bon fire in the middle of the town.
    ~There will be many marijuana farms though out the town.
    ~There will be a no meat for food rule in the compound.
    ~Many animals will roam around the town.
    So yeah these are just a few details to give you a taste of the feel of the compound way of life!

    Here is a little sample of my idea!

    So yeah picture a lot of these in one HUGE compound! And I know I didnt make one but RV's too!
    And any of you homies can when it is made come and build your own tent or RV or both and join the compound!

    See you there maaaaaaaaaaan.
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  2. Waiting4Codot The Gordon Ramsay of Minecraft

    I'm SO in.
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  3. Dexxl Parper of Tarts

    At first I was like "More necro I see..."
    Then I was like "Probably the highlight of my day"
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  4. southpawseb Active Member

  5. alexcolll Active Member

    Oh yes Im in!
  6. OpticBandit Senior Administrator

    The meth RV is coming to town!
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  7. Capn_7ar Father Lover

  8. luvidious1272 Undergod of the Nether

    Didn't you or Pure make a hippie camp with a bunch of cats and chickens on another map? And wasn't there a house with psychedelic mushrooms?
  9. DiMaggio3 Master Assassin

    Tons of lapis renamed "Blue Meth"? I think yes.
  10. 3dee The Villager

    Zomg someone be Walter White and I'll be Jesdee Pinkman!
  11. CornishPastie Your Local Cookie Monster

    I am so in on this
  12. Sweyn_Skalswift Ghoul/Viking/Otaku Hybrid

    Everyone get your potion mixers out, time for breaking minecraft
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  13. Capn_7ar Father Lover

    I swear to god, did you just morph your username into Jesse's..
    Get out. Grove, Pro and I will dissolve you like Drew Sharp.

    I think I'll be making a vegan chicken shop called No Pollos Hermanos.
    And I'll totally only be selling chicken.
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  14. Lock_Two Well-Known Member

  15. 3dee The Villager

    I morph my name into EVERYTHING.
  16. Proriginal Batpig

    Haha yeah that was me but now Im going full scale baby!
  17. OpticBandit Senior Administrator

    There isn't going to be a problem here old man, at least not for me.
  18. luvidious1272 Undergod of the Nether

    Wait wait, I already have the walter white skin

    I had to shave my goatee because too many people where making walter white comments.
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  19. haloisreligion Moderator