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It's Christmas...

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by OpticBandit, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. OpticBandit Senior Administrator

    Hey noobs,

    We added a Christmas map (courtesy of Glumur). All the buildings are there but it would be nice if you guys could organise something and add decorations such as a tree and general festive bits. The map currently shares inventories so feel free to add stuff. Say hi and chat to homies who are also on.

    /warp xmas to explore!

    Hope you're all enjoying the holidays.
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  2. alexcolll Active Member

    So what exactly can we do on this map? Or rather what are we suppose to do? :3
  3. Glumur Supreme Pontifex Maximus of the holy land Gimlé

    make it christmasy and make a tree if you want
  4. EpitaphFox guess what

    basically, theres an xmas map, make it xmas-y
  5. Sweyn_Skalswift Ghoul/Viking/Otaku Hybrid

    Quick question since it literally been forever since I played: is 1.9 out yet and server supported or am I rushing the gun
  6. Capn_7ar Father Lover

    Nope, still 1.8 on the server homie
  7. alhov Lord Nugga

    On this map I have hidden something very special in a chest. Let's see who can find it.

    Hint: Santa's little helper elf
  8. alexcolll Active Member

    (Dirt block)
  9. Lock_Two Well-Known Member

    Merry Julymas everyone! and a happy new Easter
  10. zipfe Reina de tu corazón

    There is no 1.9 with mods/plugins, yet, so it still has to run on the latest 1.8 server-side.