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[RTS] New Map - XIII

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by zipfe, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. zipfe Reina de tu corazón

    [RTS] New Map - XIII

    Yo homies, we have a new map up and running. This is map number 13 on our serber, so PoopiBandit came up with the incredible name XIII for it.

    Survival, hard difficulty, no PvP.

    Do /warp spawn to get there, first logins spawn there automagically. For the time being, /warp oldspawn brings to you the previous spawn on the Doz map.
  2. EpitaphFox guess what

    same inventories? how long will doz be up? what curse will this map have?
  3. Glumur Supreme Pontifex Maximus of the holy land Gimlé

    Oh Lord Jesus it's a fire! 8 players online and it's valentines day.
  4. zkillbill New Member

    Have been waiting for this so long!! THANK YOU.
  5. deco_kills New Member

    I have been doing a lot of testing with 1.9 in singleplayer and creative servers, it is a awesome update that will add a new block type and other cool combat design and techniques such as shields, a left hang, and (this isnt combat but is awesome as hell) an Elytra. A pair of wings that can go in the chest position of the avatar. After jumping from a high place or anywhere. You smack that space bar again and you fly, you use the mouse to fly around. It is absolutely, positively radical. I think we should get a 1.9 temp map and make our way into it, unfortunately, the update came about 2 and a half weeks later than the
    XIII map, and work has been done, people have finished their projects. But I really think we should dig into it. :) PIZZA TIME
  6. MrKim Moderator

    New map time!
  7. zkillbill New Member

    (When) will we update to 1.9?
  8. Capn_7ar Father Lover

    Porcupine water titaniums better on eleven